Donation Requirements

*Your Investment
I offer Discreet options for Deposits and advanced payments. ( Zelle )


Should unforeseen matters arise, I would much appreciate notifying me at a minimum 48 hours in advance of our engagement.  Should you be unable to I would require a gift of 50% of the time we had scheduled together before making arrangements for your next visit, and within 24 hours I would require 100% of the time we had scheduled together.

U.S. Packages

1 Hour - Meet and Greet
1.5 Hours – A drink with a laugh
2 Hours – Let the conversation stay
4 Hours - Dinner date
12 Hours - Pillow talk


Extended Time
8 hours of uninterrupted sleep for all overnight engagements
2 hours of personal time a day, so that I may have time to prim.
Appreciate your understanding when needing to use the phone to handle basic personal matters.
A week or more of notice for all extended time.
Traveling cost are covered by you.
Fly domestic first class. International first or business.
Always passport ready and hope to join you for a wonderful vacation or a lovely business trip
Dinner Date Monthly Arrangement
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two dinner date engagements per month OR up to three dates of lesser time per month
Bedfellow Monthly Arrangement
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two overnight engagements OR up to three dates of lesser time, per month
Semi-Exclusive Monthly Arrangement Starting at
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Exclusive Monthly Arrangement, Starting at
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